How to pin the Recent Items folder to File Explorer in Windows 10

Access a comprehensive list of all your recent content. Microsoft Outlook 2016 has this really handy feature for adding attachments. When you click Attach File it lists the most recent documents you worked on regardless of which program you used. It can be a screenshot you recently took, a basic text file you opened in […]

AT&T’s ‘radically’ affordable DirecTV Now streaming TV service launches in November

It took eight months after the initial announcement, but DirecTV Now is almost here. Paying attention pays off! Amid all the excitement about AT&T’s planned acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed that DirecTV Now will roll out in November. AT&T announced the service in March as one of three online streaming services […]

Azure brings SQL Server Analysis Services to the cloud

Azure Analysis Services will help companies with data analysis in the cloud The stairs welcoming people to the 2016 PASS Summit. Credit: Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, one of the key features of Microsoft’s relational database enterprise offering, is going to the cloud. The company announced Tuesday that it’s launching the public beta of Azure […]

IBM is folding SoftLayer into its Bluemix cloud services portfolio

My brand is disappearing, IBM’s SoftLayer object storage leader tells OpenStack conference A SoftLayer datacenter in Dallas is seen in a 2012 company video. Credit: SoftLayer via IDG News Service OpenStack users running their workloads on IBM’s SoftLayer public cloud infrastructure took it calmly when the company’s object storage development lead, Brian Cline, announced that […]

Google buys eye-tracking VR firm Eyefluence

The deal signals Google’s growing interest in VR and AR Credit: Grant Gross Google has acquired a 3-year-old eye-tracking company for virtual and augmented reality headsets, signaling the tech giant’s interest in the immersive technologies. Eyefluence, founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneurs Jim Marggraff and David Stiehr, develops eye-interaction technologies to control VR and AR […]

Opera 41 speeds up start times for tab addicts

Opera 41 doesn’t have any stellar new features, but it does improve performance for start-up times, battery life, and CPU usage. The latest version of the Opera browser just rolled out, promising faster start-up times especially for users who open numerous tabs at once. The new update, Opera 41, also boosts battery life when using […]

DARPA tests parasailing radar with its robotic boat

DARPA If you want a vision of what naval battles could look like in the near future, you just got it. DARPA has tested a parasailing radar array (part of its Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems project, or TALONS) using its robotic ACTUV boat as a nest. The array flew up to 1,000 feet, […]

Bloomberg: Twitter plans to lay off several hundred employees

Reuters/Brendan McDermid/File Photo Last year when Jack Dorsey returned as CEO of Twitter, the company let go of more than 300 people, and a Bloomberg report indicates history will repeat itself this year. Citing anonymous sources, the outlet reports that while planning is fluid, a similarly-sized cut of about eight percent of the workforce is […]

NHTSA advice aims to keep connected cars safe from hackers

Benoit Tessier / Reuters Following a smattering of recent high-profile attacks, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is taking a hard look at vehicular cybersecurity. In a 22-page document (PDF), the NHTSA outlines its voluntary best practices for automakers going forward. Chief among the guidelines is using a layered approach to security, so that even […]

3D printed ‘heart on a chip’ is an alternative to animal testing

3D printing’s potential to create custom objects, parts and tools has enormous potential for the medical field, where bespoke organs could be created on demand, saving lives that wouldn’t survive waiting for donors. This year has already had standout applications: back in February, scientists successfully implanted printed tissue and organs into animals while another group […]