Sony has sold nearly 1 million PlayStation VR headsets

Chesnot via Getty Images Ever since PlayStation VR, speculation has been rampant: is console-based virtual reality here to stay, or will it die an early death? Apparently, its near-term future is secure. Sony’s Andrew House tells the New York Times that the company had sold 915,000 PSVR headsets as of February 19th, just over four […]

Scientists rejuvenate blood by reprogramming cells

Getty Images/iStockphoto Like it or not, your body gradually loses its capacity for producing blood as you age — that’s why immune deficiencies, leukemia and other blood conditions become more likely with time. Scientists may have found a way to turn back the clock, though. They’ve found a way to rejuvenate blood by reprogramming the […]

MIT’s ‘Super Smash Bros.’ AI can compete with veteran players

Nintendo For expert players, most video game AI amounts to little more than target practice — especially in fighting games, where it rarely accounts for the subtleties of human behavior. At MIT, though, they’ve developed a Super Smash Bros. Melee AI that should make even seasoned veterans sweat a little. The CSAIL team trained a […]

Satellite maps provide a new way to track deforestation

Robert Galbraith / Reuters There’s no question that deforestation is a problem, as it affects everything from climate through to biodiversity. But gauging the severity of deforestation isn’t easy — simply measuring lost forest cover doesn’t tell you the effect it can have on a given area. That’s where technology might save the day. Researchers […]

Netflix wins an Oscar for documentary short ‘The White Helmets’

Netflix While we were expecting Amazon to score an Oscar first for Manchester by the Sea, Netflix ended up beating out that film with a Best Documentary (Short Subject) Oscar for The White Helmets.Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel, the film centers on a group of volunteer rescue workers for the Syrian Civil Defense Force, also […]

Google Assistant comes to recent Android phones

AOL Yes, the leaks were true: you no longer have to buy a Pixel (or launch Allo) if you want official support for Google Assistant on your Android phone. As of this week, the AI helper will start rolling out to Android phones running Marshmallow or Nougat. So long as your phone has Google Play […]

Huawei unveils its Leica-branded P10 and P10 Plus flagships

AOL Huawei made a valiant effort with the P9, even if its Leica hype didn’t quite deliver. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the company has unveiled its successor, the P10, with another dual-camera system endorsed by the ‘red dot’ company. It’s a real looker, with a thin profile and some funky colors to choose […]

Huawei reveals the Watch 2 at MWC 2017

AOL It was almost two years ago to date that Huawei unveiled the “Watch,” the company’s first Android Wear device. Today, at MWC in Barcelona, Huawei has just announced its successor, the imaginatively-titled Watch 2. Perhaps the first notable difference (beyond the design tweaks), in the inclusion of 4G connectivity (on select models, via SIM […]

HP’s Pro x2 hybrid comes with a Wacom pen, military specs

HP Microsoft’s Surface Pro was arguably the first tablet that could do serious work rather than just web-browsing, so HP ran with that idea for its original Pro x2 612 laptop back in 2014. With its latest model, the Pro x2 612 G2 (yes, that’s a terrible name) it has cranked up the power and […]

Huawei’s P10 wraps familiar performance in colorful bodies

Nick Summers/Engadget When it comes to hardware launches, subtlety isn’t exactly Huawei’s strong suit. It’s no secret the company would unveil its new P10 smartphone today, so now there’s only one question left to tackle: how is the thing? Well, even in our brief time with the phone, the answer was clear: it’s pretty damned […]