Microsoft passes on updating the Surface Pro


Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Microsoft announced a flurry of hardware at its Surface event, but there was one very conspicuous omission: a new Surface Pro tablet. For the first time in a long while, a year will come and go without an updated version of Microsoft’s most iconic computer. There haven’t been any quiet spec bumps, either. The Surface Pro 4 still starts at $899 with a Core m3, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and higher-spec models have the same configurations as before. But why did the company pass on the opportunity?

We’ve asked Microsoft if it can comment on the lack of changes and will let you know if it has something to add. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is a matter of timing. Intel only just launched its 7th-generation Core processors at the tail end of August. That doesn’t leave Microsoft a lot of time to integrate the new chips into shipping products, especially for a popular and highly customized system like the Surface Pro 4. It won’t be surprising if there’s a sequel in the months ahead. Still, that’s not much consolation if you were really hoping to get a device upgrade before the year is out.

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